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Oxford School Staff Directory



Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Abreu, Christine 60% (mornings) Grade 3/4 christine.abreu@hrce.ca
Allen, Sarah Grade 6 SAllen@hrce.ca
Bray, Gerard Phys. Ed. BrayG@hrce.ca Website
Cacchione, Francesca Grade 1/2 francesca.cacchione@hrce.ca
Coates , Erin Phys. Ed. ecoates@hrce.ca
Ford, Nicole 40% (afternoons) Grade 3/4 nicole.ford@hrce.ca
Fortier, Jean-Louis Grade 7 Science Humanies/ Grade 9 Education Civique/ 9 FLA/7-9 Integrated Learning JFortier@hrce.ca
Garrett, Christina Grade 5/6 cgarrett@hrce.ca
Humber, Sophia Gr 7 ELA/ 7 Anglais /7 Textiles sophia.humber@hrce.ca
Ingram, Aleisha Gr 8 & 9 Science/Gr 9 Child Studies/Gr 8 Healthy Living/7-9 Integrated Learning Aleisha.Ingram@hrce.ca Twitter
Koughan, Sandra Gr 4-6 Core French / Gr 7 Core French/ Gr 7 Mode de Vie
MacGregor, Patricia 7 Math and Science/ 7-9 Tech Ed/ 7-9 Integrated Learning pmacgregor@hrce.ca
Macintosh-Robar, Fiona Gr 6-9 Band fmacintosh-robar@hrce.ca
MacLellan, David EAL Teacher P-9 david.maclellan@hrce.ca
Malloy, Kirsten Gr 7 & 8 Social Studies / Gr 9 Citizenship/ 7-9 Art/ 7-9 Integrated Learning KMalloy@hrce.ca
Mitchell, Janice Gr 8-9 Core French/ Gr 7 & 9 Healthy Living/ 7-9 Integrated Learning/ Grade 9 Trip Coordinator janice.mitchell@hrce.ca
Moriarty, Megan Gr 7 FLA/Gr 8 Sciences Humaines/ Gr 9 Sciences/ 7-9 Integrated Learning MoriartyM@hrce.ca Twitter
Morrison, Rhea Gr 7 Mathematiques/Gr 8 Sciences/ Gr 9 Mode De Vie/ 7-9 Integrated Learning RMorrison@hrce.ca
Noble, Melissa Gr 9 ELA / Gr 9 Anglais / 8 Food and Nutrition/ 7-9 Integrated Learning MNoble@hrce.ca Website
Overmars, Carolyn Gr 8-9 Mathematiques/ 7-9 Integrated Learning covermars@hrce.ca
Perry-Blais, Courtney Gr 8 ELA / Gr 8 Anglais / 7-9 Integrated Learning Courtney.Perry@hrce.ca
Rooney, Carmel Grade 6 (10%)/ Elementary Support Teacher (10%) prooney@hrce.ca
Singer, Amanda Grade Primary ASinger@hrce.ca
Surette, Lucien Gr 8 FLA / 8 Mode de Vie / 7 Sciences/ 7-9 Integrated Learning LSurette@hrce.ca
Swinamer, Doug Grade 2 DSwinamer@hrce.ca
Taylor, Amanda Music Grades P-6 / Exploring Music 7-9 asanford@hrce.ca
White, Dawn Grade 4/5 DWhite@hrce.ca
White, Nick Gr 8/9 Math Nicholas.white@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Academia, Joel Evening Custodian
Baille, Cathy Elementary Student Support Teacher cbaillie@hrce.ca
Bashoo, Vincent Custodian
Brask, Thomas ECE - Pre-primary Support thomas.brask@hrce.ca
Campbell, Holly EPA Holly.Campbell@hrce.ca
Colley, Eddie African Nova Scotia Student Support Worker ecolley@hrce.ca
Copeland, Katherine Elementary Student Support Teacher/ Reading Recovery katherine.copeland@hrce.ca
Crawford, Tammy EPA tcrawford@hrce.ca
Gay, Mari EPA Mari.Gay@hrce.ca
Gillis, Angela Junior High Student Support Teacher Angela.Gillis@hrce.ca
Huntley, Joe 100% EPA jhuntley@hrce.ca
Hutt, Laura Community Outreach Worker - SchoolsPlus 902-456-5972 lhutt@hrce.ca
Joo, YiRe Library Support Specialist YJoo@hrce.ca
Liiva, Colleen HRCE Speech Language Pathologist cliiva@hrce.ca
Lim, Zaea ECE Pre-Primary Lead zaea.lim@hrce.ca
MacDonald, Lynn School Social Worker 902-483-3740 lynn.macdonald@hrce.ca
Marmulak, Troy Child Youth Care Practioner tmarmulak@hrce.ca
McDuff, Tylor EPA TMcDuff@hrce.ca
Murphy, Julia Student Attendance Support Worker jmurphy@hrce.ca
O'Leary, Harmony Mi'kmaq Indigenous Student Support Worker holeary@hrce.ca
Poitras, George EPA gpoitras@hrce.ca
Pommier, Jeremy French Language Monitor
Potnis, Sampada ECE - Pre-primary Support
Purdy, Alex Junior High Student Support Teacher APurdy@hrce.ca
Richards, Christine Jr. High Student Support Teacher CRichards@hrce.ca
Ruttgaizer, Carla SLD cruttgaizer@hrce.ca
Sarvaiya, Dimple 80 % EPA
Scott, Jane EAL Support Teacher jscott@hrce.ca
Shousha, Prehan YMCA Settlement Worker prehan.shousha@halifax.ymca.ca
Steele Quinn, Natalie School Mental Health and Addicitions and Community Mental Health & Addictions/SchoolsPlus (902) 422-1611 nsteelequinn@hrce.ca
Steeves, Sharon Schools Plus Assistant Leader (902) 219-3668 ssteeves@hrce.ca


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Bradfield, Nancy Vice Principal 902-421-8652 nbradfield@hrce.ca
Crowley, Sheila Guidance 902-421-6764 scrowley@hrce.ca
Gillespie, Jan Principal 902-421-6763 jgillespie@hrce.ca
Hebert, Shawna 100% Administrative Assistant 902-421-6763 shebert@hrce.ca
Moshett, John 20% Guidance jmoshett@hrce.ca
Oxford, School School Email oxford@hrce.ca